Mycelium, the root like structure of fungi, and bacterial cellulose, a film formed on fermenting tea, are biomaterials that have the potential to disrupt and reform a range of industries.

Mycelium has applications in construction, textiles, and product design to name a few - the global mycelium market  is expected to be valued at USD 5.5 billion by 2030.  Bacterial cellulose has the capacity to disrupt the textile and packaging industry; specifically animal-dependent leather and low-fibre paper.

“Today we have economies that need to grow whether or not they make us thrive; what we need are economies that make us thrive whether or not they grow.”


We aim to formulate and refine methodologies that make accessing this growing industry as easy as possible. We are developing projects, prototypes, and processes that are open source and open access by nature to encourage knowledge sharing and engagement.

The goal of our research and design work is to create low-cost; low-tech processes that create a foundational and accessible approach to these futurist materials in the Johannesburg and broader South African context.

We are currently fundraising to further this impactful research.

Big Circle Studios is a registered Public Benefit Organisation and can provide Section 18A certificates. We are currently fundraising to get this project off the ground. If you are up to helping us get there you can find our banking details below or donation link to the right.

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